Monday, April 5, 2010

my neighbor

it's been a weird day....
not particularly good weird either...

i looked up and couldn't believe the time.
gonna go gulp some air, i thought. i need
a break.
and i wandered out in my yard.

saw my next door neighbor in the back yard.
we don't have anything separating our back yards.
as a matter of fact, together we made
this great little walk that connects our
two places. we decorate it and now and then
leave silly things out there for each other.
it's been awhile tho...typing that out reminds
me i need to do something.

he was weeding by the walk.
i wandered over and we caught up. haven't
seen each other much during the winter...

he's been there for years. we've shared some
rougher times together, there's an understanding
between us that we'll be there for each other.
and we have been. which has been really cool.
mostly we laugh together. i like that a lot.

he's like a little escape place sometimes.
where i can go and nothing matters. we can just
hang out. while away the time in the back yard.

i've missed that.

i came in smiling and feeling better.
sometimes there's nothin' on earth quite like
a neighbor.

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