Thursday, April 1, 2010

the world's best customers

we have the world's best customers. i mean THE
world's best.

so we uploaded our site last nite, right?
and well, there were a few tiny little glitches,
like the part where we locked all the shops
pages and you couldn't order anything.

those kinda things.
ahhhh....we've always been a muddled mess over

one of the other things that went wrong was that
we lost our 'quote of the day' thingie that sent
out the quotes of the day.

no quote went out today.

yes, it's fixed now.

but it didn't get fixed til we got to be reminded
of something really cool.

our customers are way more than customers...they're

customers wrote to check in with us and make sure
that we were okay!!

people weren't writing to complain....they were writing
cause they cared!

i have got the biggest smile on my face right now.
and feel way way lucky to have all you guys in our lives.

thanks for being out there. thanks for caring about us!


Merry ME said...

What goes around, comes around!

Sorrow said...

Because you have the best heart!