Friday, April 2, 2010

for pete's sake

i got zakk's cold...and it's a whopper.

i slept in late, woke up to no water in
the house.
oh no.

ran down to josh's with my toothbrush,
drivin' home i could barely see, my eyes
were waterin' so much.

popped some meds.

even before the meds my mood was great.

everything's sorta floaty and fine.
and yeah, that was BEFORE the meds.

so then when we hit some major problems with
the website, i grinned and thought it was

the guys said they had it fixed.

and we don't have a site
up any more.


and it still isn't bothering me.

wonder what happens when the meds wear off...

wonder what it would be like to just not let
them wear off.....


pass me the kleenex....and keep your fingers
crossed for our website....

which bob just called and said is up and i can't

maybe i need to go back to bed...
but this is just gettin' all too bizarre and fun
to miss......


AkasaWolfSong said...

Just letting you know that when I click on the link from your blog to the website it is fully functional....

All Is Well! :)

And I feel a bit better this morning thanks to all my Sisters who helped me through a day of melting...

Thanks Darlin'

You feel better! Sending good thoughts and energies your way...
Have you ever tried Zicam? I swear by that stuff! you big and gotta scoot to pay bills

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Well, that's such a shame as I had my friend (fluent in Arabic) translate the site and I placed a substantial order (also in Arabic, of course) that won't go through! Shoot! I hope you start feeling better because if the way y'all handle a simple cold is any indication of how you'd handle a whopping outbreak, the eastern seaboard might be doomed! Oh well, I love you anyway and looks like your site is back up. Too bad...I lost my order.