Thursday, May 6, 2010

attitudes, learning and wholeness

read an interesting little blip in a book
i've got by my bed....

he's talkin' about being whole and workin'
on our weak spots. learning what doesn't
come natural to us.

he said the three factors that play central
roles in our learning are attitude, temperament,
and values.

i liked that. wouldn't have thought of that.
and loved when he pointed out we all have
'attitudes' about some things and it's where
we have those attitudes that we're most closed
to learning.

suggests we check out our attitude spots.
i liked that.

and then he quoted another author who lists
the values in which we interpret the world
as experience, science, reason, authority,
and intuition.

i can see right now these guys think different
than i do......i never woulda come up with
those things as the list of values..
but i like it.

so i walked and thought about my weak spots.
that's so easy. the glaring ones are anything
technical or mechanical.

and then i thought of the timing for this.
tonite i'm workin' on the car with the guys.
i change the oil and act like i discovered
the moon. there's oil changing and bigger
projects tonite.....i'm so mechanical i don't
even know what they are....

i've been tryin' to learn this stuff so i can
be independent. hadn't thought about it as
a means to being whole.

kinda tires me out and makes me think i'm okay
not being whole.

funny tho.
i'm not okay not being independent.

thought that was kinda interesting.....

seems to me i should be less okay with not being

gonna have to check my attitudes there.

grinnin' and lovin' the different brains in this

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Pot Luck Herbs said...

Hey Terri, what's the book?!?!