Monday, May 10, 2010

bad dreams makin' me happy....

i had a recurring bad dream last nite.
and instead of freakin' out like i did
with the last one, i got up excited thinking
'okay. i can see some pattern here. this
is all talkin' to me.'

and the old me kicked in.
the one who used to work with her dreams
and not be afraid of the bad ones.
the one who knew that the bad ones were talkin'
to me and helpin' me.

i took a walk and thought about it.
ohmygosh was it cool.
there is no doubt inside me that my depths
are tryin' to help me with some of my biggest

there's no way i'm alone in this one...
my depths are with me!

feelin' quite tickled this morning.
haven't figured it all out yet. oh no.
figure that's gonna take me awhile.
but i'm okay with that.
cause i know i've got a best friend inside
me helpin' me out.

it's been a long time since i've felt this.

how is it i forget these things???

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