Monday, May 10, 2010

a mother's day moment

i had to make a few calls and when i got
back up to the kitchen, the guys were all
out. they'd taken a test drive in my car.

bob and the guys are tryin' to figure out
a noise with my car and what's up with it.

i love everything about that.
i love seeing them work and think together.
i love the way they bounce thoughts back
and forth.
i love the way they all sound so technical
when they talk.
i love how they all are tryin' to be there
for me.
i love how guyish they are.
and i love how the guys respect and accept
bob and how he returns that. and how there's
the family rhythm with bob between the guys.
that's gold and i never take that for granted.

so when i saw the mustang pull back into the
driveway, i smiled.

and when they came in talkin' about it all,
i just grinned.

they have no idea how much i love them.


Merry ME said...

How can they not know?

Greenwoman said...

I like that about the men in my family too. *smiles* Happy Mother's Day!