Monday, May 10, 2010

mister logic brain meets star arm woman

i was tellin' him about the stars inside me.
i told him about the visual driving home where
i saw stars all on the underside of my skin.
i held up my arms and showed him what i meant.
i pretended to move a flap of skin back from
my arms.
i told him about the energy that zapped thru
me when i saw the stars.
i was animated and wide eyed and thrilled
when i told him.

he was looking at me with this grin on his face.
there was bewilderment and enjoyment all mixed

it's in those moments that i remember.....

mister logic brain is dating an artist.

and i laugh with delight.

later he said something to tease me. he jabbed
at me. i immediately put my arms up, and in my
mind was bouncing his jabs away with the stars
in my arms.

i saw his face and we both burst out laughing.

he knew what i was doing.

he was laughing that i was doing that.

i was laughing that he knew what i was doing.
sometimes he so sees me.

as incredibly challenging our differences can be,
they can also be incredibly fun.......

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

Ah, yes, young Skywalker! It's wonderful that you can enjoy how your differences come together to make each of you just a little "more."

Laughing stars!