Monday, May 10, 2010

a reminder

this is from an old blog....
but i was reading it today. sitting here
at my desk reading it and thinking....
ohmygosh did i need this right now....

so thought i'd share for anyone else who might
also need the thought....

'when i say i want to be love, i mean that i want
to be able to give freely, no strings attached,
to care and to have compassion without having the
need to control or to fix, to allow things to flow
and to know that everyone operates from their own
place and that i can't understand it so i can't judge
it. to know that it's all part of a really big
picture and that the little things have absolutely no
meaning, and absolutely a ton of meaning all at the
same time.

being love would mean operating with an open heart
and not needing to close down to protect myself because
i would understand that its' all okay. it would be
about keeping that heart open almost like a pipe line
to the universe where i allow something beyond me to
flow thru. to not block that up with garbage, but
to have the opening clear.'

i'd really really like that.

sooooooooo maybe when i get an extra big challenge
in my week.....maybe i can try to at least remember
this thought???

maybe so.......

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