Wednesday, May 5, 2010

follow up on ms. sherry's thoughts

just got back in from coffee with the girls.
ah, that feels good...

got a great follow up comment from ms. sherry
where she pointed out the possibility
of losing the intensity of being human when you
become enlightened.

(hope i didn't cream that, sherry)

and YEAH!!! i've had the same reservations about
the whole enlightenment deal. figured that i was
so far away from it i didn't have to worry about
it....but at the same time....
all that calmness seems like it'd be missing out
on something!

i am so with ya, sherry!

i DO like the intensity....the passion of it all.

i think someone once tried to explain it to me...
but i didn't retain it.

maybe you kinda have so much love in you that
it's even better???

i don't know....but sherry i wanted to put your
wonderings out here. cause you never know who will
come along with our answers!!!

and somehow i needed the reminder today.....that i
really DO like the intensities of it all.

sometimes i forget that.

here's sherry's comment:
Ooo! So...when I read that last blog about "nothing but love" I wanted to post something...but I couldn't pinpoint what I was thinking..but I think "Anonymous" definitely hit very close to what I was thinking.. Of course getting to that "one love" place seems like it should be the goal...but then I go back to what I said to you in an email..about how in living from that one love place, although maybe enlightened and all...don't we lose the *intensity* which is the great part of being human?? Just adding fuel to the fire


Anonymous said...

Anonymous/One Love here:

I so agree with Ms. Sherry's thought. I love the humanness, intensity and passion that go with all that love.

So maybe it is kind of better to love right now from the human love place with all the passion and funness b/c it does allow for a kid like exuberant love. Where as I know the enlightened one love place will be all sorts of awesome also. But for this season of my life I think the exuberant fun love is more my spot with the enlightened one love popping up and seasoning my life sometimes.

Thank you so much for all the thoughts and added discussion. It definitely helped my grasp the words to my thoughts.

Pot Luck Herbs said...

hey...i just had an discussion just made me think about _A wrinkle in time_ A bunch of years ago someone made a movie of the book, and a character that has stuck out from the movie, which I didn't remember too well from the book was this sorta half god like dude who basically just sat around laughing at the world and the peeps and all our seemed like a bit of a jerk..but maybe our impression of enlightenment is all wrong. There's a feeling that comes after laughing with friends to the point of tears...its a calm feeling, a kind of release..but its so energized with the love and happy....that feels good, and right. So Maybe this "peaceful ,zenish, calm, quiet, blah blah blah" that we all roll our eyes at a little and think is boring is just another side to the path of enlightenment. Maybe that deep intense stuff somehow mingles with the other, and maybe somehow you can have both...that sounds like the kind of enlightenment I'd want to strive for....