Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i popped over to indie's blog today
and just did one of those 'i could had a V8'
head hits.

ohmygosh....are some of you too young to even know
what that is???

it was a complete aha moment as i read her
comparing ourselves to a river.

i have used so many water images with my thoughts on
how i work....but i missed this really really really
big part of that image! and indie nails it right
in her first paragraph!

honest to pete, she gave me a visual i'll never
put down.

it took me forever to figure out i could have joy
and sorrow inside myself at the same time...it took
me forever to figure out how some stuff works inside

if i had read indie's blog 10 years ago, i think i
woulda moved along a little bit faster!!!

wanted to do a shout out of a thank you to her and
point you her way.....

indie....you rock!


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! I'm not too young for the the V8 thing or the honest to pete phrase. LOL!

Merry ME said...

I still find it hard to accept I can feel love and anger at the same time. What a concept! Going to Indie's place right now.

Pamela Jones said...

LOL Honest to Pete!

Visited Indie...great post about the River.