Tuesday, May 4, 2010

food for thought.....

got an interesting comment that i thought
would be good to pop up here and share
with you guys.

okay, anonymous...i'm not sure WHICH
anonymous you are....and if you want to
talk about it more, drop me an email!

here's what she had to say....

I was thinking about this yesterday, and I love the idea. . . .
I don't think I can quite formulate what is going on in my head,
but it is similar to the following (keep in mind this coming from
a single girl who has been single for about 5 years now): there
is the kind of love that is one, the metaphysical love of we are
all one love and that is the kind I think/believe you are talking about.
So if I move all the way into that spot of "One Love" and the idea of
"nothing but love" I feel like I am telling myself that I no longer
need that loving relationship with another human being so therefore
I shouldn't want that relationship. Does this make sense? So it is
possible to have that metaphysical "nothing but love" and still
want that very human experience of being loved by another
in a relationship?


okay....so i thought i'd share a thought....it's muddled
as usual, so i guess i don't need to put in a disclaimer that
i don't have any answers. that will show up clearly in
my thoughts here.....i guess my blog really makes that clear

i thought this was a great 'food for thought' thing. i love
those. thanks for posting it. the two threads that came thru
in my head were this....

if we really could get into that one love/nothing but love
spot i'm not sure we'd be discontent and looking for anything.
everything would be just fine the way it is.
ya know? yeah, i know you know.

at the same time...i think that's ENLIGHTENMENT....and while
i think it's great to shoot for....we should prolly figure
we won't get there any time real soon.
we'll just have moments of it. maybe more moments in certain
times. and i want to shoot for more and more of those.

the other thread is that i think we need each other....in all
the different kinds of relationships and those relationships
are what teach us and help us grow and are the very ladders
to that enlightenment spot. and i think those love relationships
matter and are important and it makes sense that we want them.
we need them. they grow us. they push us to learn how to actually
give 'nothing but love.'...or maybe they help us to REMEMBER
how to do that.

and then a third thought that just popped in now...i think that
we are always loved. and we don't really know it or we forget
it or we hide from it or something. and i'm not even sure
what i mean. does that mean god??? is there a god there that
is just holding out her arms to us?? some people go with that
theory and maybe so....but i kinda go with some more hazy
theory of love being in us and around us and connecting us and
if we had ANY clue of how much of love we are made up of and
have every single moment, we'd want for nothing.

some muddle thoughts there to confuse the issues even more!

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Pot Luck Herbs said...

Ooo! So...when I read that last blog about "nothing but love" I wanted to post something...but I couldn't pinpoint what I was thinking..but I think "Anonymous" definitely hit very close to what I was thinking.. Of course getting to that "one love" place seems like it should be the goal...but then I go back to what I said to you in an email..about how in living from that one love place, although maybe enlightened and all...don't we lose the *intensity* which is the great part of being human?? Just adding fuel to the fire ;p