Tuesday, May 4, 2010

moment by moment

looked down at my desk and grinned.....

i have a cd cover layin here with the
title 'fearless love.'

sitting right next to fearless love is
my note that says 'nothing but love.'

i can make a nice chant with that....

fearless love.
nothing but love.
fearless love.
nothing but love.

my gosh tho......
i'm not feelin' like i'm gonna pull it
off today.

how come????

why does it take so much energy?
why is it so much easier to get pulled into
anything else.....everything else????

and no, i'm not just talkin' about the
romantic side of my life. sigh......
i'm talkin' all sides.....
all sides.
all angles.

it feels hard when i put all the 'issues'
goin' on in my life side by side and think
okay.....tackle them all with love.


i think i'll go back to bed.

but...if i don't do that.....and i just
take it moment by moment.....

that seems way more doable.

so that's how i'll start.
with this moment.

with this one moment.
and this little chant sittin' right
here in front of me......

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