Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

we sorta did a reverse mother's day and spent the
day wanderin' together yesterday. there will be
goofin' a bit tonite and yet we're STILL gonna
do mother's day in july! i love these guys! THEY
were the ones who said it was too close to my
birthday so we needed to change the date.

i've actually done that a few times when they
were little. we used to celebrate in july and
have dinner on the roof. which is a dumb idea
in july. but it was oh so fun. we'd climb up there
and hang out with some dinner. when they were
younger it was such a treat. we all felt like
we could see the world up there. it's only kinda mother's day here.

and i woke up smiling cause i had such a good day
with them yesterday. we drove out to an art gig
and also seein' people that are like family to me.
including my adopted mom. it was a day filled with

wanted to post a picture from yesterday. actually
two. one is our group shot. and the other one without
noah is when we're waiting for noah to get the
camera ready. i think josh is lookin' at his phone.
and i'm not sure what zakk and i are lookin' at.
but the mood was so good and it's how yesterday felt.
wanted to share. and wish all the mama's out there
a happy mother's day......


AkasaWolfSong said...

A Very Blessed Mother's Day Ter...
Enjoy your day!

AlmightyHeidi said...

Beautiful family!

Cathy Hall Stengel said...

I feel great joy at being able to peek into your sorta mother's day celebration with your "beasts." There truly isn't anything more wonderful or terrifying than birthing these children The challenge then is attempting to survive having our hearts live outside our bodies, so vulnerable, so much a part of our attempts to be whole. Thank you for sharing your "boys". Peace to you.