Saturday, May 8, 2010

the nite sky

had a chance to drive a little bit last nite.
went to a town about an hour up to hang out
in a windy parking lot for a bit.

yeah, kinda sounds like i was in high school
again....but all had to do with a shop
that carries my work....

the drive up and back and the wind in that parking
lot felt sooooo good. people were getting really
chilly. i didn't feel the chill. i just felt like
the wind was blowin' gunk off of me. and it felt
so darn good.

drivin' home it was dark and i was thinking about
the night sky. i love the image of the sky inside

i really do.

and since yesterday morning, i've really been dwelling
on the idea of the light inside me.

i want to hold that light and know it's there
even in challenging situations.

so i got to thinking of the stars in the night
sky. what if i could combined the two images of
light and sky!

for a brief moment i pictured millions of stars
all over my insides. like if you lifted up a
flap of skin and pulled it back, the underside
of the skin would be covered in stars!

ohhh! i saw it and felt it ever so quickly -
my whole body felt electrified.

then i pictured being in a challenging situation
and holding the stars in my hands. just holding
them and knowing they were part of me.

i have never once pictured the nite sky inside of
me. how has that happened???

the nite sky is exactly what i feel right now.
the deep deep darkness.....with gazillions of bright
lights shining steadily on.

i am sooooooo holding that today.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Hey Beautiful...

I have long held the thought that all those stars are our loved ones crossed over...shining brightly and watching over us...don't know if that is true or not but it sure makes me smile and feel good when I think of it that way! All that love shining over us and into us and whatever else we can is there for the taking eh?

Isn't the wind/air marvelous for blowing away the cobwebs in our spirit and soul?

Happy Mother's Day Dear Heart!

Merry ME said...

Hope this doesn't sound to woowoo...
When I first read about the stars inside of you, I wasn't surprised. I believe that to many people, ME included, you are one of the stars that light our way. Some days you've been my whole MIlky Way!!

Anonymous said...

Love this Beautiful TerBear. When I think of you, I think of a bright star. Remember how the Christmas Card I sent you was a Bear gathering Stars to put up? Chose that one partly 'cuz you're my TerBear, but also because you are a Star Gatherer. You take bright spots in life and put words to them and then share them with people. Then it was a happy coincidence that I sent you Stars on Mother's Day too. You are a bright spot (like a star) in my life and so yes, I think star imagery is very fitting for you! Love you pal. -Sue