Friday, May 7, 2010

swappin' engines

one of my strategies for getting thru
any weirdness (see post below) is to concentrate
on this incredible family of mine.

i told zakk if i get blue, i'm gonna grab his
face with both my hands and just look at it to
remind myself of how lucky i am to have the guys
in my life.

he looked worried.

we had just come in from workin' on the car.
my hands were pretty greasy. you would think that
i had changed the entire engine in my car from
the looks of my hands and arms.

the patience that my sons show me when we do this
stuff astounds me. no one was in a hurry, we just
took our time and they walked me thru some of the
ins and outs of the car.

i did figure out you really do need some muscle for
some of this stuff. and you need rubber arms to
reach into crazy places.

i got pretty worried at one point, and looked up
from where i was layin' on the ground under
the car......i have to take the car out tonite
all by myself......and they're havin' me do a lot
of this tune up stuff.
'what if it all falls apart on the highway???'

they laughed.
i was serious.


i came in, washed up and made some dinner.
cooking was so much easier, i thought. well, just
keep practicing, one point you couldn't
cook a thing....

just wait, you'll be swappin' engines in no time.
well, okay, maybe not....
but maybe i'll be able to do a tune up all on my

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t2 said...

I need an oil change :-)