Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pam's poem

i was reading one of my buddy, pam's, poems
last nite. and wasn't sure i should really
share the whole thing as it's HER poem....
thought i could ask, but wanted to surprise
her over here.

i stopped and read this part three times...

so thought that'd be the part i share....

'We are One.
As the flames dance, my hand finds my pocket
A bone there, now hollow, awaiting my touch
Make me hollow as well, that the greatness of Spirit
Might pass through its servant; bring healing and peace.'

i love this.

and i can read this stuff all i want and find it
really appealing...
but do i really want to do it???

when it's easy, i am SO on board....

there's something going on in my life right now...
two somethings...where i can apply this and really
do it...and neither is easy. so while i want to
be on board i still want to indulge in those emotional
french fries. and if i get by the negative thinking,
which i think i can do a lot of the time, i still
want to point out what everyone's doing wrong.

oh yeah.
that brings a lot of peace.
somehow i don't think that's being a hollow bone....

i can just declare to myself that i'll do this....
but what i'm finding is i need to declare it moment
by moment, conversation by conversation.

one fell swoop doesn't seem to work for me.

so i'm gonna try the moment by moment thing....
because truly, i don't want to add to the din.
pam's poem brought my right back to that in such
a great way....

if you're interested in getting your own book of
pam's poems, which are truly beautiful you can find
that and some other goodies over here!

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Pamela Jones said...

Smile. Blush. You are very kind, ter. Love!