Tuesday, May 25, 2010

excuse me, your stars are showing...

okay, so maybe i'm onto something here......

these stars.....well, i do believe they're
filled with magic!
well, OF COURSE they are!

i filled up with stars this morning.
bound and determined to feel them.
and i did.

i hopped in my car and i do believe i left
some stars hangin' out the door....

i have never had such fun driving anywhere.

i met up with a fellow mustang driver and
we played and played as we drove along. it
was so fun. i was laughing out loud in the
car and i could see he was too.

waving goodbye to him, i went off to where i
was sposed to go....

and there was magic around me.
i could feel it.
i could feel it with every interaction i had.

it made me think of one other time when i went
up to the printer to get my prints. i was so
excited and happy about them that i walked
into the place with stars spinning all thru

some guy walked in and did a complete turn around
double take.

trust me, it wasn't my looks......i don't get that
reaction from guys.......
but i must have been exuding complete joy because
he got tangled in it.

that's what today felt like....
and i kept thinking of the stars.

there's some heavy stuff all around me.
yesterday i just wanted to bury myself under the
covers and hide.

today i chose to fill up with stars.

my gosh.
what a difference it's made.

here's the thing tho.......
making this choice sometimes is so darn hard.
when you're just feelin' the weight of stuff....
how do you make the choice to touch stars and
let them fall out of you???

i found them on the treadmill.

i think for me, i gotta exercise.
it was the only way i could really reach in and
grab them......

and i know some days the weight will be too much
and i won't be able to. and that's okay.

thing is.....i think that i can do it way more
than i do....

and i think it's something you learn........

and my gosh, i really want to learn........

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AlmightyHeidi said...

Oh Possum..All your star talk...:) Reminded me of something I wrote. It was driving me nuts, I had to dig a bit, but I found it!!! Ohh it was a good one for me.