Sunday, May 2, 2010


i was fillin' an order this morning and
i stopped to look at the piece i was framing.

it's called 'the whole' and it has this

'she could never go back
and make some of the details pretty.
all she could do was
move forward and make
the whole beautiful.'

i sat on the floor in my studio and just
held it. i remembered where i was when i wrote
that. i remember the feelings i was having back
then. it was quite a time.

then i thought of the other nite....
i had pulled out my bin of great notes.

the great note bin.

it's awesome. i keep all my best emails in there,
love notes, letters from friends, everything that
makes me feel loved.

i had sat for about half an hour reading over some
of them.

one of them reminded me of the life of love i was
building. i had stopped when i read that...because
i knew it was true. and i knew i really wanted that.

and then, sitting there on the floor of my studio,
my brain flipped over to some self doubts
i had recently regarding a project i was doing. and
how it felt really vulnerable.

i had talked myself into continuing because i truly
feel the world can be very dark, and we need to offer
some light to it. we need to help create beauty. and
that can be very vulnerable.

i looked back down at the print.
and the one line...

'all she could do was move forward and make the whole

there's something in there i'm not sue i knew how powerful
it was at the time.

the 'make' word.

you MAKE it beautiful.
by your choices, your actions, your stepping past your

you make it.
or you don't.

and it's up to you.

she could never go back....but she could move forward....

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Sorrow said...

I really liked this, really, the part about whole thing beautiful,
Sometimes what I think of as the ugly parts, the big nasty scars, are some of my most beautiful parts, just turned inside out... you know?