Thursday, May 27, 2010

a reposting.......

i've been thinking about the blog below ever since
i wrote it. well, actually, i've been thinking
about the topic for a few days now...

it's so on my mind.

i'm proof reading this book i'm putting together
now. it's filled with past blogs, random thoughts
and bone sighs.

my gosh, it's talkin' to me!

here's something i just read......
i posted it ages ago........
it's a message i got in the shower one nite.
it just bam landed in my head.

i got right out of the shower all drippy wet
and wrote it down.......

i just read it again and am going to print it
out and hang it somewhere i can easily access

if i can live this this summer, then we're
all havin' a party come september!!!!!!
there will be rampant celebrating! and i'm
gonna actually visualize that.....


“There is stuff going on that I cannot comprehend
and don’t need to.
The parts I can see scare me because they threaten me
n some of my most vulnerable spots.

Drop the fear.
I am loved beyond anything I can imagine.
It’s a love that’s beyond us, that surrounds us,
that is inside all of us.

Being loved is something that exists in spades
and there’s no need to fear the lack of that.
I do not need to see it manifested around me in
particular people.

It’s there.

See it or not.

I need to know that in my bones, trust it,
and offer myself with a full and open heart
to this stuff that’s going on that I can’t comprehend.

If I don’t trust it, I will find myself in fear.

When I’m in fear, I won’t be able to open the way
I’m needed to open right now.

So trust is vital.
An open heart is vital right now.

Give it and you will not regret it.

Give it and you will give life.
Give it and you will get life.”


i love that.
i love that.
i love that......

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Wrapping you up in a big ole Sister Hug Ter...

I love you! I really do! :)

And what's more is I believe in you and your capability to work through all of have before and you will many times in life as you well know. Embrace it all as it comes and lean into the wind! Oh Yeah! Lean into it!