Sunday, May 23, 2010

my pit crew.

we sat around the dinner table just chatting
about stuff, when there was a pause. i grabbed

'okay, i could use some thoughts' i said.

and i went on to tell the guys that i was
having trouble making sense of my thoughts
and needed some help. i wasn't sure if i
was going in a totally wrong direction, that
it felt totally right, but i wasn't sure
it made sense. and would they help me think.

darn, if they all don't just leap right on
in there and help. each one of them had
something to say. each one of them offered
their thoughts.

i put out what i was confused about, covering
some thoughts on my heart that i had been
having. including the thought that we only
use 5% of our hearts. josh was quick to correct
that. and i just beamed at him as he told me
that our hearts were infinite and there was
no percentage limit. my gosh, what a cool thing
to have your son remind you of.

they helped me sort thru some stuff that had
just clogged my gears.

later in the weekend, we were all gathered
around the living room. and bob needed help
figurin' something out. it was his turn to
bring it to the group.

and once again, everyone hopped on in there.

as i watched all of us, i watched how we
worked. one would put out a thought that would
spark a thought in another. one would start
a half thought, thinking out loud and another
would go....ohhh, i think that's the right track,
and how about this??

everyone builds off each other.
until there's some kinda feeling that we hit
something we wanted to hit.

it's the first time i really put together why
we're all such a good team. it's like we build
something together. we build with our thoughts
and our ideas.
we place them on the table and mix them up
and use them to start new thoughts and we build
them and put them together until we've got some
sorta thing that feels right.

we do this with our work stuff, we do this with
our people stuff, we do this with our inner stuff.

we just do this when we're confused.
and somewhere along the line, bob joined the

it's a thing that no one outside the family
sees. we do it when it's just us.

i never really thought about it this way before,
but i think that if you're really lucky, you get
a family that's your team. it's a team you're
part of that helps you grow. that wants you to
grow and does what it can to help you. just as
you do that for the other team members.

it's where you go for help.
they're your pit crew.

and if i look at it that way, if that's what
a family is, my gosh, i can see that if you
aren't born with that, you can still build one
for yourself. even if you don't have your own can adopt people in your life
who do that for you.

you can build a family.
and we all need one.

i've got one in my kids and bob, and i've
got one in my adopted family that i've picked
along the way.

those are the ones to concentrate on....


t2 said...

I was only maybe 1/4 of the way through this post and I was already thinking what I was gonna post. And then, sure enough, YOU SAID IT! I just wanted to you realize how RARE that is, Ter? What you've got goin on over there? I don't know anybody else who has that. Seriously. YOU are one unique woman and family.

Sherry said...

yeah..what t2 said...kudos! And..I'm a little jealous! I'm submitting an order to the universe right now. 1 pit crew please!

AlmightyHeidi said...

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." Jane Howard

I just read this quote and had to come back to this post and comment:)