Friday, May 21, 2010

as big as the sky

i hopped on my bike early this morning
and rode around the neighborhood. no one
was out. it was as if the place was all

the bike has given me the freedom to
wander again....and it feels like heaven.

i rode here and there and felt that feeling
you feel when you're a kid riding. there
isn't anything else in the world goin' on
but that ride.

i rode and looked at the sky.
the wind blowin' in my face, the cool all felt so good.

and then i turned a corner and there
was so much sky there i almost drowned
in it.

i was just overcome with it all and a
thought just flooded over me.

our hearts can be as big as the sky.
we don't really know.
we just don't know.
but they can be as big as the sky if
we let them.

i just knew it. i just saw it and knew

i rode up to my goodmorningworld spot
and looked at the sky and felt so full
and so sure that i was overwhelmed.

ya know that thing you always hear about
we only use 5% of our brains or something
like that? (see, i don't even remember the
number which means i need to up my percent!)

well, i think that's the same for our hearts.
it's gotta be.
it's just gotta be.

i knew it this morning.

yeah, i have an open heart compared to a lotta
people. maybe most people use about 5% of their
hearts, maybe we can go wild and say i use 6%.
if you really want to go crazy, say i use 10%
which can't be right cause that's double most it can't even be that high......


what if that's true.

what if there's a whole huge sky-full we haven't
dived into yet???

for a moment on my ride this morning, i knew that
to be true.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are doing an excellent job opening your heart! Exactly what you were fighting and wanting all at the same time.

Don't you love those moments of Zen?