Wednesday, May 12, 2010

water weld

i was walkin' down the street and i saw something
laying on the ground. it was a tube that said
'water weld.'

ohhhhh water weld.....
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......i wonder what water weld
is. i have to ask the guys about this.....

and then my mind took off runnin'.
maybe you could weld water together!
i was picturin' all kindsa streams of water
and welding them together.....

as it turns out, bob called as i walked, and
told me it was prolly some kinda glue. he went
right into this practical explanation.
i laughed at him. 'you're so darn practical,
i like my idea better.'

later, on the treadmill, i was still thinking
about it. okay, it can be glue, like bob said,
but i want to call it 'weld' that sounds so much
cooler....and it could still glue rivers together and
all kindsa flowin' things together.

maybe it could glue my insides together.

i could use some of that water weld stuff today,
i thought.

there's parts of me that could use some welding or
at the very least, gluing.

i'd weld/glue my feet, i thought.
yeah. i'd start with my feet.
and i'd weld them so they kept goin' in the right
direction. they want to run away a bit. nah, i'd
weld them so they were pointed the way they needed
to go.

so i pictured spreadin' some goo on them. ahhhh
the goo....that has to be some pretty cool goo.
i pictured mashed up star goo......
oh yes. knees. oh yes.
i need to weld my knees. i need them to be strong
and stand up tall today.
squirt squirt. got my knees covered.

ohhhhh this is kinda fun.

so there i was on the treadmill......spreadin'
star goo weld all over myself.

my heart! oh yes! my heart needs some water weld!
it's a little leaky over here. oh yeah.
right here. that part's comin' apart.
oh yeah.
spread some here.
ohhhh glump.
spread that glump a little over here. even it out.

star weld goo all over the heart......

ahhh my arms needed some....they need to be able
to hold some weight today. let me just kinda get these
elbows real good.

moved my elbows back and forth. made sure they were
limber. ah yeah. got those good. this weld stuff works

oh the face.
there's the mouth that needs to speak kindness.....
better put a big ol' glop here. boof. smeared that
stuff all over. mmmmmmmm.........tastes like stars.

the eyes that needed to see clearly....let me spread
some right over the lids....
ohhhh it glitters!!! look at this!

water weld! all over me! holdin' me together, making
me strong and keeping me where i want to be.

who knew?
one little tube of this stuff will get ya ready for

i gotta tell bob. he thought it was just some glue
they gave a cool name to.


Pamela Jones said...

sending you a tube of WaterWeld -- Heart Formula (fortified with love)

Building you a circle of stars!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Totally beautiful and now I have to get me some of that water weld HeartSong stuff, ha ha ha!

I be lovin' it Sister! :)
I be lovin' You!

t2 said...

Hey, do they sell that on ebay? :D