Thursday, June 17, 2010

feelin' good.......

i don't know what it is, but i'm taking it.
maybe i exercised just right, or maybe i slept
just right, or maybe this day is so pretty that
you can't help it.....but i'm in a great mood.

i joked with my guy on the phone and felt so
free and good. he called me his hippie chick and
i laughed...

ran up to have coffee with my girlfriend. we sat
outside talking about it all. from serious to goofy
from life to death, we covered it. it felt wonderful

her friend pulled up, got out and stopped to say
hello and called us his hippie chicks.

i laughed.
what is up with that???
and how come that tickled me so much??
i've always hated being called that!
and twice in one morning!
by two guys with the same name.
it's just that kinda day.....

as we pulled out, we ended up at the intersection right
next to each other...i looked over and made a face.
she jumped right in and started pulling at her nose
and eyes and made faces back. i went to make mine even
more goofy when i looked at her and just started laughing
so hard, i couldn't.

the light turned green, i laughed all the way back.

i pulled into my elderly neighbor's with a goodie.
she opened the door and asked for the password.
i said 'blueberry muffin' and held the bakery bag up.
she lit up like a kid who just got a cupcake.

i laughed.

it's the little things, i thought.
my gosh, it is sooo the little things.

and today i am gonna pack this gorgeous day full of
really awesome good little things...

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Anonymous said...

Its wonderful to read of you feeling good. *grins* Yay for you!