Sunday, June 20, 2010

a highlight....

it's been a weird day.
i had all these plans of things to do today,
and nothing stayed as planned.....
and there was only one melancholy moment for me...
and i just let that be. a tear came out of each
eye, and that was it. and i allowed them to be there.

a highlight was visiting my elderly neighbor.
i saw the opportunity and have been trying to
be more off i toddled....the idea
was to do that for her. for it to be a giving.
it wasn't in the plans today, it wasn't what i would
really choose to do if i was just thinking of myself...
it was a giving.

or so i thought.

as usual, i got way back more than i ever gave out.
why don't i ever remember that when i start out???

we sat and chatted and it was all fine...
i was getting ready to go and then remembered i needed
to tell her about something. to include her in on some
family news.

that means a lot to her.
and again, while i start out doin' it for her, i got
so much more out of means a lot to me.
she truly is family now.

it's been an intentional thing...including her in family
stuff. cause i can see how part of her struggle is not
being part of anything anymore. so i have intentionally
been working on including her and asking for advice and
that kinda thing....

the goal was to ease her pain of being alone.

well, somewhere along the way, this magic happened....
and maybe the goal's been met a tiny bit...
but this other thing happened....the love between us
has so deepened.

and i need her in my life.

it's the coolest thing...

so, anyway, i stayed a lot longer cause we got to talkin'.
and then we got to laughin'.
and then we got to really laughin'.
at one point i was doubled over in my chair,
hangin' over my knees laughing.

i looked over at her and she had her head thrown
back in her chair, laughing.

when we calmed down i gave her a hug with tears in my
eyes and told her that i was so glad i had her.

cause i am.

magic truly happens.
and she's part of the magic in my life....
and definitely a highlight of my day today....


Merry ME said...

I love it when magic happens!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Awww...well now I have happy tears hanging in my eyes too!

I'm thinking how beautiful you have that relationship with her Ter..and adopted Grandmother maybe?

I know I'd love to have one! :)

Happy Summer Solstice Ladybug!

May it be a day filled with Magic Possibilities!

Big Hugz!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how you can choose family beyond your bloodlines? Some of my best family do not share my DNA.

You make me remember my Gloria, who lived next door until she died three years ago. Sigh...