Monday, June 21, 2010

hookin' up the shop vac....

oh man did i wake up like a slug...
like a slug full of thick, heavy grease
runnin' thru my veins...

i got on the treadmill and decided against
music. i needed to kinda figure out what
was up with me.

that's when i realized i had the heavy
grease cloggin' everything up inside me.
i figured this out as i was chowin' down
on one of those emotional french fries.

remember those? all my negative thoughts
that just clog my system??

well there i was chowin' down on some emotional
fries when i figured out my veins were clogged.

how to unclog them, i wondered....

and as i moved along on that treadmill, i opened
up the top of my head. some would call it the
crown chakra, i just call it the top of my head.

opened that up and let the universe put a shop
vac hose right there and suck out the grease.

as i walked on the treadmill, i made shop vac
blowing noises. pictured the grease just gettin'
sucked right on outta me......whooooooooshhhhhhhhh.....
i kept making noises til i felt cleared out... there was room for stars.

and so i pictured the shop vac getting removed and
this whole heap of stars gettin poured right inside
of me.

as i was walkin and picturin' this, my hand hit the
bar on the treadmill. and it made this pretty little
'dingggggggg' noise. i smiled.

of course! there had to be sound effects when these
stars got poured in!!!

so i started tappin' the bars as i moved along and
listenin' to the dings.

i could picture my unclogged veins now....stars just
flowin' on thru.....all over the place.

oh man, it felt better.

i finished up the exercise stuff and hit the cold shower.
ohhhhhh yes.

but i tell ya, as i was gettin' dressed, i started chowin'
down on another one of those greasy emotional fries.

i caught myself.

what are you doin'???
you just cleared all the gunk out!!!

so i stopped myself....

let's work on keepin' those stars flowin' today......
i told myself.

and that's what i'm gonna do.
cause i tell ya, it feels a whole lot healthier...

1 comment:

Pamela Jones said...

OMG, terri...
You conjured up the star-on, star-off machine in the Sneetches! I was wondering if Sylvester McMonkey McBean had a shop vac in there...

Glad to hear you're all cleared out again!

Happy Solstice!