Tuesday, June 22, 2010

travelin' thru

in the winter, there were times when i thought
NOTHING could compare to the feeling of a hot
hot shower.....i would just stand there and let
that water change me...bring me back to feelin'
way way good. there was just nothing like it.

this morning, as i took a blasting cold shower,
i had the biggest smile on my face. NOTHING is
as good as a cold shower when you're all sweaty
and hot, i thought.

and then i remembered the hot showers in the winter
and laughed. apparently i really like showers.

i was feelin' pretty darn good as i dried off and
thought of the day ahead. kinda checked in on my
feelings....okay, should be an easier day today,
i thought.

yesterday turned out to be kinda hard.
some stuff came up.
i got thru father's day pretty easily....and then,
there it was, the next day things started churning.

i decided to just let the stuff 'move thru.'
i didn't do anything except feel it.
i kept workin' and doin' my thing, but i felt it all day.
by the evening it truly felt like it was just moving thru...
and that all i had to do was let it pass right on thru me
and then i'd be done.

this morning i could feel just a little bit of it left.
it's almost done with its journey thru this time. i'm sure
it'll be back. but maybe i'll remember this when it comes
again....that i don't need to do anything at all with it.
just allow it.

and maybe go take a shower if it feels overwhelming.
cause hot or cold, they seem to bring me back to life!


Merry ME said...

When my dermitologist told me to refrain from taking long hot showers I looked him straight in the eye and said, "you might as well know up front that I'd be crazy if I gave up showers." Skin bumps be damned, my shower (s) is the best part of any day.

Sherry said...

lol...Merry Me, I think I was given that advice too..wish I had your answer at the time! For a long time I did most of my praying in the shower...there's something about a shower that just really lets you be alone with you...(and I don't even have kids!!)