Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the other nite i read something in this book
i'm reading. (women, food and god).....she was
talking about getting in touch with your belly.


here's a bit from the book:
'the belly is located in the center of our bodies
and is in fact the center of our grounding. (eastern
mystics believe the belly is the center of our spirit
and that our souls reside there.) sensing it from the
inside - whether it's pulsing or tingling or vibrating,
whether it's warm or cold or numb - helps
us become undeniably and viscerally aware we are alive.
we sense the actual physical presence of our life force
(by sensing our belly).
when you ignore your belly, you become homeless.
you spend your life trying to erase your own existence.
apologizing for yourself. feeling like a ghost.....'

so i've been thinking about my belly.
that's where i gain my weight and that's the part of me
i probably struggle the most with.

so is it any surprise i couldn't seem to locate it yesterday??

i mean, i KNEW where it was. that's for sure. but i couldn't
feel it. from the inside out. what goes on inside of it.

this has me totally amazed.
i can feel stuff all thru my body. when i have a feeling,
i can stop and locate it in my body.

but my belly?

who knew???

so i keep tryin'. and this morning i feel like i've located it.
but that's as far as i've gotten.

this makes me think about health. how there's so much to our
bodies. and being aware encompasses so many things.

i woulda told you i'm VERY aware of my body.
all the while not noticing i lost touch with the part of me
i'm always unhappy with....

there's some looking and feeling to do there.....
thought i'd throw it out there, cause if she never said anything
in her book, i never woulda noticed.

i'm thinking there's more than bellies here we need to
look into....

and that part about 'always being unhappy with it....'
i know....i know.....i'm lookin' at that too...

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