Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the fabric of her dancing shoes

oh ho ho!
my book proof came in today!!!
and i am sooooo excited!!!
i just ordered a bunch so i'll have them
in in a few days!!!

i'm scared.......what if everyone in the world
hates it.

so what! i am tickled with it! i'll line my
shelves with them!

but what if everyone hates it???

then they do!

but i opened myself up so much in's out
there now.....

yes! that was the intention and the plan!

and i did it even when i was freakin' out scared to

yeah but.....

oh shut up.......

i did it!
it's here!
and i'm not gonna let any ol' negative voices get me
down........not today!!!

noah designed the cover, and i gotta say he did one
awesome awesome awesome awesome job!!!!!

'the fabric of her dancing shoes' has been born!!


AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm dancin' for ya Ladybug!
Congrats and A Huge Holler of Woooo Hoooo from way over here.

You Go Woman! :)

Blessings of Love and Light!

Merry ME said...

P.S. Let me get this straight.
You have written and published a book and you don't know grammar?
Amazing. Simply amazing!

Merry ME said...

I second that, AWS.
This is very exciting.
I love the title. Can't wait to read the book.
Will you have a signing party?
You must. You really must.

Ter, I'm so darn proud of you. You ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up. I want a copy!!!

Rejoicing for you, dancing woman!


AlmightyHeidi said...


Peggi said...

I agree with Merry MUST have a party! Let me know the day and the time and I'll be there with bells on! I'll even bring chocolate! WAY TO GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyyyyy for you! *clapping hands* Congrats and way to go!

denise said...

dance on sweet ma
dance on



denise said...

dance on sweet ma
dance on



Pamela Jones said...

Joining in the dance!
OOOOO! Love the idea of a signing party!

Congrats on your latest "baby."