Thursday, June 24, 2010

and the blind could see...
i just saw in the news about the stem cell
stuff they did with the eyes and how a guy
who was blind for 50 years could see again.

i cried and cried and cried.

can you imagine???

can you JUST imagine??

what amazing timing for the story for me.

weather affects my mood a ton. and i am just
not a hot weather person. and in my house,
no matter what the weather, you feel it.

the guys have a window unit they use to keep
the room cool where they work. i've got one
for a back up to keep my computer from gettin'
too hot....but mostly it's off. fans are goin'.

i notice the changes in the weather. what times
windows are open, when they're closed, how hot
it is at's totally part of life here.

i mostly do good with heat as i think it's a mind
thing....but there are times when it just gets
me in this mood. just a real ugh mood.

and that's what i was in this morning. walkin and
sweating at six in the morning....i just wasn't
feelin' too lively about much of anything. wasn't
feelin' grateful. was just feelin' hot and sticky.

skipped the treadmill as i just wasn't in the mood
to be so hot...wasn't in the mood for anything.

then i saw the news on the eye...
i cried.
and then got up and went out to my back yard.
i imagined seeing for the first time in 50 years.

know what?? heat never came to my mind.
in fact, it is a BEAUTIFUL morning.

i looked at the trees....i looked at the way
the branches hung near my shed....
i walked over to one of my favorite places
in my yard and just looked and looked and looked.

the gratitude for what i had just flooded in me.

i can see all this. and it is absolutely beautiful.
and now, this man, after fifty years, can see again

what a thing to carry in my heart today.

suddenly the day became perfect.

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