Friday, June 25, 2010

mean people suck

so a friend shared one of those icky moments
from a dating site. she's not the first friend
to share those moments.

i vividly remember sitting in a car on cell phone
taking a break from vending at a conference outta
state trying to tell a friend the garbage she had
gotten dumped on her from some weirdo guy wasn't
about her. as my friend was sobbing in the phone,
i was just infuriated with what people say to each
other. i remember just seething in the car while
trying to calm her down.

this latest sharing brought up the infuriation.
(i don't think that's a word. but it should be.)

i'm lucky enough to have only had the rotten remarks
from guys when i was a teenager. my gosh, i can still
hear all of them.....

some of those comments were just thoughtless, and some
were downright mean intentioned. and i remember them.
but they were kids, i think...and mostly let them go.
altho, they have helped create a lot of self doubt and
body issues.

what happens when an ADULT says this stuff to you as an
adult?! my gosh.

actually, i've gotten that stuff too as an adult, but in a
less 'in your face' kinda way. the subtle stuff that eats
at you....and lets you know you're not good enough.

so i'm thinking about this stuff and i'm grumblin' and
mumblin' and growling when i go sit myself down in my chair
in my back yard.
and as my rear end hits the breaks.


i burst out laughing.
i just laugh and laugh and laugh.

body issues?
yeah, i break chairs when i sit on them.......
and i laughed some more.

comic relief.

i snuggled into the broken chair and looked at
the beautiful day.
i let all the garbage float away.
it easily floated away thru the gorgeous trees.

i thought i'd never get out of that chair....
it felt so good to be there and alone with the sky
and the trees....
wondered how i'd possibly ever get up again.

and then i smelled smoke.
i hopped up....
is that a haze of smoke???
i burst into my house sniffing everywhere.

turns out it was my neighbor burning something.

i laughed again.........

the beautiful day. my very own house still standing
and NOT on fire....and i actually made it out of the

and i thought of all the dumb, thoughtless and downright
mean things people say to each other.

i don't have time for them today, i thought.
i got better things to do......

i'm gonna go celebrate my book with my sons today...
and leave the mean spirited behind....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


People you don't know you in person, but only from these blogs would think that you must be "two ton Ter." Instead you are Tiny Ter, so slim, so tiny, so beautiful. It's unbelievable to me that you could have body issues! Belly? Where?! I think of all the people who look at you and say to themselves, "She's so lucky. She probably eats anything she wants and doesn't gain an ounce." Thoughts and past experiences can be really powerful so I'm not negating any of that. I just needed to say how I see you.
You can delete this after you read it.
Have fun with your kids 2day!
Love, Denise