Thursday, June 10, 2010


i haven't read too much of this new book i've got.
and i think i'm really going to like it...
altho she did say something that made my inner
child go 'humph.'

she said she didn't believe in an inner child.


i seriously felt something inside me react.
which is kinda funny.

but ya know, i think that's such a not cool thing
to say.

you could say 'i don't believe i have an inner child.'
or 'i don't believe everyone has an inner child to
work with.' or something like that.....
i'm okay with that.

but excuse me......i have one running rampant over here!
whether you believe in it or not.

so it got me thinking about wording.

i don't believe in a lot of stuff either.

but i think i've really got to be careful with the
wording and say 'for me' at the end of that thought.

and it's made me think of how completely different we
all are...and so completely the same.

completely different things work for us and exist in
our lives and beliefs....
and at the same time, we all hold those things with
meaning and care...we all have the same kinda feelings
about them.

it's so hard to respect things that are so different
from us. i think of some of patty's stories about the
customs in south africa. they were so different to me,
and yet sacred to them.

that seems imperative to remember.

but i'm glad this lady said what she did about the inner
child...cause it got mine all riled up. and i'm noticing
her more since i read that line.

and life is always better for me when i notice her more.

i understand that the inner child concept is not for
everyone. i totally get that.

and i'm so glad it's right for me.

wouldn't it be awesome if we could all hold our beliefs
and things that matter to us like that....understand they
aren't for everyone and just be glad we've got what works
for us?

i really like that.


peggi said...

terri, you hit the nail on the head! if we humans could just get that concept through our thick heads, the world would be a more peaceful place. different doesn't mean wrong, it just means different!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Amen took the words right outta my mouth!

Tolerance and Diversity are beautiful 'be-ings.!'

I believe in the inner child too as I work on her daily...those parts of me that never grew up and out because I needed to guard and guide her in my own way.

I totally understand you Terr! :)

Pamela Jones said...

What you say definitely makes sense (for me) :)

A thought...we walk on eggshells out of fear, but we tread lightly out of love.

Betsy said...

so funny-I had the same reaction you did. My inner child was OFFENDED.
Then I read what you wrote, and went back to the top, and read that you said, she said: she didn't *believe* in inner child as a concept. She was owning it as her belief, not saying they didn't exist.
Very thought-provoking. I too try to be careful about not putting my beliefs on others....but the more passion I have for something, the more that seems to go out the window :-)