Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i touched the sky....

my head is still up there.....
i'm havin' trouble comin' down....

we went.
we went up into the sky......

when we walked in the guy who was taking us
up was so young i wanted to holler and say
'wait a minute! you're just a kid! and no kid's
takin' me up there!'

but ya know what? i thought of how good my 'kids'
are with stuff, and i decided to just trust him.

noah sat up front as he was getting the flying

i just wanted to be in the sky....
i got the back seat. all to myself.
it was perfect.

the pilot pointed out all kindsa things on the
ground. i had tried to tell him i want to just
be in the sky....
but his enthusiasm had him pointing out ground

thank goodness noah was there. he could look and
nod and smile.

that left me space to just look at the sky.

my gosh.

it looks completely different up there in that little

completely different from a commercial plane.

a commercial plane has its own kinda ecstasy as far
as i'm concerned. you can get above the clouds and
fly in the midst of heaven in one of those.

this was different.
it was communing with the sky.

the clouds are so long. they go on forever.....
the sky goes on forever.
everywhere is sky.
there's nothing blocking your view.

it's everywhere.

it took my breath away.

noah got to actually fly the plane.
that distracted me from the clouds for a bit.
but then i realized i only had so much time up there.
let noah flip the plane over if he wants, i need to
talk to the sky....

so i went right back to what i was doin'....

feelin' the sky.
touchin' the sky.
bein' with the sky.

i cried.

i kept my sunglasses on so i could cry.
and i cried at the beauty.

i cried at the vastness.

i cried cause i knew i was part of it somehow.

i haven't come down quite yet.
and my entire being feels like a prayer right now.


Pamela Jones said...

Thanks for the plane ride -- your description made me feel like I was along for the ride!

Gina said...

you have such an amazing way of describing things...i felt like i was right there with ya!

Patricia Michael Melnice said...

You are so beautiful, Woman!!

Merry ME said...

Okay, so I'm a little slow on the uptake. I've been picturing you gliding on air currents in a hot air balloon. Obviously I should be more awake when I read things. Balloon, plane, whatever! I love that it was all you wanted it to be. And that you got to share it with Noah. How cool is that.

I can't imagine that life gets much better than,"my entire being feels like a prayer right now." That must be the definition of life the Creator had in mind.

All ears said...

I can't help but thinking that the crying also came from the knowledge that your BABY WAS FLYING literally and figuratively!!! I guess that's why you are a St. Cloud!!! HUGS

AkasaWolfSong said...

You are a Living Prayer, you Beautiful Star Cloud! :)

Camille Olivia ~ said...

oh miz ter...this is so beautiful! "my entire being feels like a prayer..." WOW. that made me cry. i'm so thrilled for you (and for Noah). what a fantastic thing to share. yes. you are a st. cloud. thanks for taking us up there with ya.