Wednesday, June 30, 2010

double take

i ran out to get the mail....

since i was barefoot i looked down at
the grass as i went.
it's not so much grass as clover and
we've got these big ol' bumble bees
bumblin' along.

i watch for them.

head down, i did the bee patrol.
hit the street, looked both ways for
got to the mail box, looked in, grabbed
the mail.

as i was closing the mailbox flap i turned
and glanced up, then looked at the street,
then did a double take and glanced back up.

the sky.


right there.

i did that double take and just stopped.
looked at that blue. that cloud up there in
that blue.

i knew that cloud! i was sure i knew that cloud.

i stood there grinnin' at the sky.

then i walked across the yard....
i forgot about bee patrol.
i kept lookin' at the sky, thinking 'i was
just up there.'

and wonderin' when i'd be back......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed it so much. I never tire of watching the sky. Next time, why not float thru it with a parachute? I'll hold your hand and you will be even more enthralled. So happy here...sharing inyour joy!