Thursday, July 1, 2010

the vastness inside

i can't get the vastness of the sky out of
my mind.

i keep thinking 'that's inside all of us.'

my gosh.

what a thought.

mix it in with this gorgeous weather we have
right now and it will really get your insides
wired up.

noah and i have been bike riding in the mornings
together. it's great fun and feels good to spend
time with him. i just don't do my morning thinking
then. so i decided i needed to do it on the treadmill.

this morning i needed to just kinda try to hold the
concept of the vastness inside us. so i hopped on
that thing and got moving and thinking.

i tried to picture the vastness....could only get
tiny glimpses. i'd get frustrated and go to the stars
inside me.

easy for me to go there.

as i went along i joked to myself that i was star
powered. at one point i reached for the water and
took a sip and told myself i was watering the stars.

'you're a lunatic.' i told myself.

'yeah, but lunatic so works for me.' i answered.

and it does.

i kept goin' and pictured the stars....and tried to
see the vastness.

i haven't got it yet where i can see it.

i'm okay with that tho.
i figure something so big may take awhile to see.

isn't that funny?
seems like something that big would be easy to see.
but maybe a lifetime of training not to see it just
gets in the way.

i'll get there.
i know i will.

cause it's in me already.
all i gotta do is see it.

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