Thursday, July 1, 2010

the ending of a prayer

ya know how when you taste something so incredibly
delicious you can't help but make those mmmmmm mmmmm

well the weather has changed here. and i mean it has
so changed for the better. it was soooooo hot.
now it's delicious.

i walked into my room last nite and the breeze was
blowin' thru the windows and it was chilly! i squealed
with delight and grabbed the blanket i had tossed to
the side.

ahhhhhhhhh this is goin' on my bed tonite!
i had the overhead fan goin', spread my blanket, climbed
in, leaned back and just went mmmmmmmmmmmm.
and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

my gosh it was delicious.
totally delicious.

i thought of a conversation i had earlier. i was describing
the flight and how it felt like i touched god and i had
trouble coming back and concentrating. i just couldn't quite
land. and in that same conversation i had described this
complete washing over of my cells of some bad icky feelings
i had when a button of mine got pushed. i could feel it
everywhere in my depths. the conversation went on to include
other deep feelings about different things.

he looked at me, grinned and said 'you certainly do live life.'

and i laughed. yeah. i guess i do.

as i lay there in my bed just soakin' up the deliciousness of
the coolness in my room, i smiled.

i have to remember what that book said.
in all of it........the good AND the bad........god's there.
every bit of it is holy. i forget that with the 'bad' stuff.

a breeze blew in. noah wandered over. i heard zakk headin'
my way.

every bit of it is holy.
and the ending to my day last nite felt like the ending of
a prayer that i had lived the entire day.


AlmightyHeidi said...

Sooo jealous it has been soo humid here!!

Fire Byrd said...

Got sent here by Merry. Glad I came. I can so identify with the gorgeousness of that breeze after days of heat ( although UK heat is never as hot as yours!)
Love your attitude to fear to, its one I embrace to, even on the bad days.
Lovely blog