Saturday, June 5, 2010

i'm done.

yesterday was low key as zakk is a low key kinda guy.
low key is hard for me. but i also understand not
everyone is the same as me, and zakk is certainly not.

so, while josh attended his graduation in
leather pants and jimi hendrix tie,
followed by a graduation party in which everyone
was required to wear pink in some fashion and there
was a whole lotta whooping and hollering....

i knew noah would be a little more toned down.

sure enough. he attended his graduation in normal
clothing, getting up to share his thoughts (all
the graduates get to talk at the ceremony) and
sending the crowd into a nice roar of laughter
with his one liner. josh actually gave one of the
talks at noah's ceremony and had captivated the
audience. he truly bowled us all over. i wondered
what noah could possibly say after that and was
a little nervous for him. but he's known as the
king of the one liners in our house, and sure enough
he landed a zinger and sat down with his diploma.
all of us laughing and applauding. a family gathering
was what noah wanted, and that's what we did for him.

and then there was zakk.
no way was he going to the ceremony. he remembered
sitting at both his brother's thinking he was never
going to his. he held that vision and said no thank you.
even getting him to celebrate with us was a big deal.
but we did get a family day...and zakk's form of

when he hugged me goodnite and thanked me last nite,
i knew we all had our own styles. and that was kinda
the whole point of the whole home schooling thing

my favorite moment was when he and i were alone, had
finished his last project and we leaned back and looked
at each other. i teared up and he did that fist bump
thing to both my fists.

and with that....i'm done.


AkasaWolfSong said...

And with that I bet you are as proud as proud can be and your heart full and could it not be?

I have a feeling tho that you will always be a teacher to your sons (and they will be to you too)!

Loving You...

Merry ME said...

It must be bittersweet for you.
What a heart brimful of pride you must be carrying around today.
Three cheers for you.
Three cheers for the boys.
Like Zakk might have heard (ad nauseum) if he'd gone to the graduation, this is not an end, just a rounding of the bend in the road that's going to take you both to new and exciting place.

I just had this vision that this time in life could be like sitting on the launch pad at Cake Canaveral. You've done the work, fired up the engines. You're strapped in and when the rocket takes off you will be headed for space. Big, wide open, star filled space. Think of the possibilities.

Woohoo! Can't wait for the reports and post cards!

Gina said...

your children sound incredible...kudos to you for homeschooling them! congrats to them on their achievements! hugs!

Tracey Catarozoli a.k.a Sally Sunshine said...

Congratulations Momma! I love when "done" is done right!