Friday, June 4, 2010

a very cool ending...

so i'm goin' crazy over here.
zakk has a final writing project to do.
and no, it's not my assignment or of course
we'd throw it out the window.
but he's polishing something up that he needs
to turn in to the group we're hooked up with.

he came down and we went over some of it...
and the first thing i read brought tears to
my eyes.

he wrote about stuff he's learned thru
home schooling....

it brought it all together for me.
what we've really been doing here.
what this has really done for all of us.....

it's actually overwhelming.
this decision really worked for us.

now i'm gonna go tell him whatever he's got is
way good enough and let's go goof........


Merry ME said...

I know nothing about home schooling, so my questions may be simplistic.
Does one get a diploma from home school?
Does one still take standardized tests with the other kazillion students?
Is it more/less difficult to get into college after home schooling?

And now for the just plain nosy questions:
Why did you opt for this kind of education?
How do you get "smart" enough to teach all the subjects?
What are you going to do now?

Merry ME said...

I stand in awe of the accomplishments of both you and your sons. Bravo! Congratulations! Happy Graduation!

Gina said...

Your boys were lucky to be home-schooled...and to get to spend that much time with you . Congrats to Zakk for graduating and to you for doing what sounds like an incredible job! Hugs!