Friday, June 4, 2010


she is truly amazing and special and i know that.
thing is........every single one of us is in our
own way.

and that's why i want to post this.

i looked over at her and looked her in the eyes.
'do you know how special you are? do you really
know it?' i asked her.

'i don't care if you know it so you feel good about
yourself. that's not the point. do you know how
special you are in the sense of what you have to
offer the world?'

i think maybe each one of us should stop and ask
ourselves that.

because at some point, it's not just a valuable
thing you need to have to be healthy....
at some point, it's not about you anymore.

it's about what you give back.

if you don't see your gifts, how can you offer them?

if you don't fully see how special you are, then
do you ever offer all that you have?

if you don't offer all that you have, are you holding
out on the world?

do we have any responsibility to give what we have

all these thoughts tumbled thru my head yesterday.

i looked at her and knew she can and does rock the world.

i looked at myself and wondered if my inability to see
what i had to offer was actually a selfish act.

i think it is.

we all can rock the world.
and i believe we all have a responsibility to give back
to the world, to make it better.
i really do.

so do we hold out because we don't want to see?


Pamela Jones said...

on the same wavelength today!

Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Best..... You've got to be the best; you've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard! Your time is NOW!

There is no time to waste, & Patty is a living example as well as the many strong, couragous people who go out and change this world for the better - one person, one day at a time. Patty rocks and so do all the people out there every day who sacrifice to rid the world of all forms
of violence! Heed the call - together we can win peace for children, women & girls all over the world. It begins with YOU!