Sunday, June 13, 2010

moving even more.....

there's nobody on the planet like her.
and i'm lucky enough to call her my friend.

she popped by as i was doing numbers this morning.
a little discouraged, i looked up and smiled
big time. i threw open the shades,unlocked the
door, and let her in.

we chatted for a bit and then as she got up
to leave, she looked at me and said 'ter,
you don't have to give your stars away.
just let them shine. that's all you have to

i stared at her.
this kinda came out of the blue.
had nothing to do with what we were talking

and there she stood with this smile on her
face just looking at me.

and we got into this incredible conversation.
i told her something i had never told anyone
in the world before.

and she nodded in total understanding as i
told her.

we talked of letting our light shine.

she loved me as she told me her thoughts.

someone loving me into a new space.

my gosh there's power in love.

that's the bottom line of the whole intense

you don't have to give your stars away.
just let them shine.

doesn't sound so ground breaking, does it?
and yet, it moved my world this morning.

i held her tight, told her i didn't know
what i'd do without her....
and now i'm sitting here kinda amazed.

i didn't know how to move into my heart.

and people who love me came and held me
and helped me.

talk about gratitude...
i am filled with it right now.....


Pamela Jones said...

I think it's downright soul-shaking! You don't have to give your stars away.

You have me thinking about telling my kids that anyone who loves you should make you MORE who you are and never less. Love makes your stars shine.

What a light message to take with me today!

Merry ME said...


Love makes your stars shine. Is that a song? If not it should be! Where's John Denver when you need him? Maybe the good looking kid in the tiger striped pants can write it!

I think the love you've received is the gift you get for all the love you give out. It is the natural order of things.