Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my writer friend, mary....

mary's a writer!

okay, *i* knew that already.
but she didn't.

well, yes she did....but she didn't.
but this just convinced her!

she got a story she wrote published!

it's an exciting day for her! and it's a great story
for everyone! so if you'd like to check it out,
you can go here to do so!

there's a place to drop her a note.
i'm kinda thinking that might be a good idea.
since she's just now figurin' out she's a writer.
maybe a little reinforcement would be a good thing.

mary, i'm grinnin' and so proud of you!


Merry ME said...

Dear friend,
This is like icing on the cake.
Since I'm a "writer" I should be full of flowery sentences with 100 dollar words and perfect grammar, but all I can think of to say is thank you.
You know my heart is full.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Yaaaay Mary! How wonderful! I have always loved the way that you write, as if I were sitting right there next to you and listening to you talk...that is why we are all drawn to you. You make it easy to get right into the meat of it.
I am on my way to go and check it out now!
You Go Woman!
And thanks Ter for sharing this wonderful news with us! You are a sweet blessing for so many of us!

Wishing you both thousands of Stars in your Soul! :)