Tuesday, June 29, 2010

waking up just a little bit more....

there's been a lot of things that brought me
to this point....

and i love that.
i love how that works.

so many tiny threads twist together to bring me
somewhere and it isn't until i'm smack in the middle
of it all that i even notice all the different
things that pulled together to make it so.

but here i am.
thinking a ton about my health, my body, and
my relationship with both.

a terminally ill friend wrote me yesterday and
reminded me to rejoice in my health.

no kidding.
talk about a reminder.

i was thinking about that this morning in the shower.
that is so much to rejoice about.

i've been thinking about the whole 'the body is
your temple' thing as i read 'women, food and god.'

i've been in search of my belly.
and my center.

i've been waking up to the idea of being mindful,
aware and respectful.

i really do think i'm filled with stars.
i really do.

i know it sounds stupid or poetic or like a nice

but there's something to it.
i mean that.
even tho i don't know what i mean.

and i'm really really likin' this whole rejoicing
in my health and honoring my body.

i have been concentrating on food and exercise,
but i was reminded recently not to forget my attitude.

i met yet another person who seemed bitter and resentful.
and i wondered about that. that's got to be part of the
whole deal.

if i want to be healthy, i really want it to run all the
way thru every part of me.

thoughts too.

this is feelin' good.
i think i needed this.


Camille Olivia ~ said...

ohhhhhh. I just LOVE this, Ter. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo. Once again, your timing is uncanny. (I just love that too!). I just saw a video by Abraham...and they talk about this. They talk about how EVERYTHING begins with where we lay our attention, regardless of what may have happened "in the past". Honoring who you are, knowing that you are pure Source Energy, acknowledging that you ARE love; all these things are the ingredients for living the joyful lives we came here to live. My favorite quote: "You came (here) for THE THRILL OF THE RIDE!"
Thanks for sharing your joy.

Anonymous said...

I've probably said this before, but I always think of Carl Sagan who said,
"We are made of star stuff!"

That's a whole lot like saying, "There are stars inside of me."

You know it.