Monday, June 28, 2010

a world without emotions.....

there's a reason i love her.
there's a reason she's my surrogate mom.

every time i talk with her i feel enriched.
i love that.

we were just catchin' up and i was tellin'
her about the big pivotal moment when i figured
something out. told her about the pain involved.

and she told me about a dream she had.
it was a dream where the world had no emotion.
it was 'two dimensional' she said.

she told me how when she woke up from that dream,
she was so darn grateful that we had emotions.
even the deep painful ones.

and she has a lotta those.

as she was tellin' me, i could just imagine how
horrible it would be not to have any emotions.

and the idea that all emotions are a gift just
flooded all over me.

we were oohin' and ahhhin' over the phone...
and i laughed and told her how much i'd missed her.
it had been awhile since we chatted.

i need these kinda people in my life.....
the interesting ones who remind me that living with
passion really is what i want......


Merry ME said...

Living with passion. Mmmmmmmm

Pamela Jones said...

Passion...that is powerful!

AlmightyHeidi said...

I have a surrogate mom..of aunt, I love her. It is a strange thing..she did not know, but she has trained be a loving aunt to my neice who needs me so much right now. Big high five to the wisdom of others :)