Monday, June 28, 2010

seasons's warm.
it was an august nite here in the house last nite.
i turned my light off to go to sleep and just lay
there thinking 'it's too hot to sleep....'
THAT is an august nite. and we usually only get
maybe three of those tops thru the summer.
and it's only june.
uh oh.

it was still hot when i woke up. too hot to get
on the treadmill, but maybe perfect for a bike ride.
noah joined me and as we hopped on the bikes
and headed down the road, the breeze felt delicious.
'we shoulda just rode bikes all nite' i said.

it's summer. it's here for sure.

i used to hate summer. i'm not great with the heat.
and growin' up in freezing cold air conditioning,
whenever i stepped outside, it seemed even hotter.

somewhere along the line, i ditched the ac, and figured
out this was a whole season to learn to enjoy.
that heat was largely a state of mind.

i've come really far in my acceptance of this season.
i even like it now. mostly.

and as i sat here this morning under my fan, i was
thinking about life. how certain things just play out
certain ways. and how that's the way it is. it's kinda
like seasons, i thought. some parts are better than others.
some parts are more comfortable than others. all have
their place.

and then i thought of the real seasons.
then switched back to life seasons.
they really are a lot alike.

and it all just is.
some is better than others....some days...some moments...
are better than others.
some are more cozy and comfortable...
some more sweaty....
some more exhilarating.

all are part of the deal.
and all have their own beauty...altho some you have to
look past some discomfort to find that beauty...
it's still there.

it's always there.

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