Tuesday, June 8, 2010

sending sun

she dropped a note.
hasn't been doin' so good lately.

i read it just before a walk and told
her i'd take her with me.

and so i did.
holding her as i went.

at one point i turned the corner into
the bright bright sun.
i closed my eyes and just felt it as
i walked.
i felt the sun on my face and sent her

i could hear the boys scolding me in my
mind at one point: 'mom! don't close your
eyes when you walk....you gotta look where
you're goin'.' i grinned thought how you
can't scold someone for sending sun. and
just kept walkin' with my eyes closed.

it felt so good and warm and healing....
the perfect thing to send her.

i rounded the corner, hit the shade and opened
my eyes.....what a beautiful day. i threw in
some shade to the mix and sent it her way.

i hope she felt it.


Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

:-) Beautiful, Terri.

Pamela Jones said...

You leave me hoping for a gentle rain, so you can close your eyes and send its cooling touch as well.


Merry ME said...

I gotta go with the boys.
As soon as I would close my eyes, there would bean ankle-twisting hole to step in.

That said, a gift of the sun is a treasure. Who could ask for more?

AkasaWolfSong said...

Father Sun...come to heal and warm us!

Warm healing thoughts Ter...

You are so beautiful! :)