Tuesday, June 8, 2010


my head needs to decompress.
between way too much goin' on and allergies
my head is stuffed up and spinning.

to bike ride or to walk on this beautiful
morning, that was the question.
i walked figurin' it might give my thoughts
a chance to sort out.

i put my toes into one of the things i want to walk
thru...i've been thinking a lot about how our
childhood affects us and pushes us in certain

sometimes in very cool ways, sometimes in very
limiting ways.

not a new thought for me....but one i've gained
renewed interest in.

wouldn't you like to know what really motivates you
and why you pick the things you do?

and why would we let THAT time run THIS time?
even with the positive things we do.....

i want all that i've learned and gained along the
way to be my motivators....not my childhood!!!

and if you're shakin' your head thinkin' you don't
do that....look real close, cause i'm thinking we
all do it so much more than we realize.

i need to snag some untangling time here cause
i want to look at my motivators.

for now tho.....i remained tangled.

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