Tuesday, July 6, 2010

bikes, heat, and attitudes

his bike broke over the weekend.
he was downtown ridin' with his dad and bro
when it just jammed up on him and some
important piece split in half.

luckily, they were near a metro and could
metro back....

but that leaves him with this little trick
bike he got when he was 16.

so there's this huge big mammoth of a guy
on this little trick bike.

and darn if i had trouble keepin' up with him.

i was slow this morning.
i told myself to embrace the heat and go with
the warmth....
and it's cool in the early morning....

but i just wasn't moving quite right.

so slow at one point that he looked over and
said 'mom. you're really petering out here.'
and i laughed so hard.
cause he was right.
and i was pathetic.

i laughed so hard and so loud, i caught a neighbor's
attention. we waved.

heat for me is a mindset.
and i haven't quite moved my mind to the right place

i thought i had.
but my body isn't quite followin'.

a little more exercise, a cold shower...
and now i turn to the day watching the power of my mind.

i know for a fact that if i accept the heat, i am fine
and dandy.

it's not until i accept it that i move along smoothly.

i think it's the most amazing thing.
cause that is life.
all of life.

and here i am again, draggin' my feet.
peterin' out....

well, baby.......not for long.
shifting gears, and pedalin' right into it all.....

1 comment:

dreamphemera said...

Aack. Saw on the news this morning that it's not just hot out your way, but downright SWELTERING.
I spent the first half of my life without airconditioning, and now that I have it, I bow down each morning and thank the powers that be for letting someone conceive of it, so I could enjoy it!
Being hot just sucks my will to live, to do anything right out of me! It's my kryptonite -- and we've had a few times this summer when our air went out and I did have to use mind over matter. I wish you luck!