Monday, July 26, 2010


my period.
i don't talk about my period here. (much)
i think i may have once before. but wanted
to do it again.

i got to thinking that i really love
my cycle and i forget that some people
actually hate having their periods.
and that's kinda a big part of the cycle.

so i wanted to mention it here.

i don't think i ever 'hated' it. i think
it kinda always amazed me. it still does.
which is funny. every month i'm thinking
wow, this is the coolest thing.

the way our bodies work just astounds me.
and i know so little about how they work.
but my gosh, what a set up! think about it...
it's totally astonishing that our bodies are
this cool. could you really have planned anything
more amazing?

and the entire cycle....i love it.
there are such parts to it. i can see the
different moods. when my period hits, i get
launched into a quieter more profound mood.
i love that part. i know it happens and i
sit back and use it to reflect on things that
i want to really look at.

i remember way back when i first met bob and
we were tryin' to figure something out, i said
'oh, this is great, i'm in my profound part of
my cycle......i can really sink my teeth into this
now.' the man had a long way to go to get used
to me.

after awhile i hit the more outgoing time of
my cycle. that time i use to make my business
calls that i have to make. sometimes i can
schedule them in to that time, and i love that.
i'm not as shy. so i use it. i am aware of it and
work with it and ride with it.

and then i get quieter and want the world to go
away. it's not the profound mood, just my introverted
part. that's a good time to write and do my quiet

i love it. it is changing just a little bit now.
there's subtle changes and they throw me off a bit.
i was set in knowing it so well. i have to pay more
attention now.

i used to get pms, then started using wild yam cream
(for anyone with pms problems, i HIGHLY recommend it)
it really took that craze away. but then i changed and
the cream seemed to bring the craze on, so i stopped.

the other day i kicked a box across the room.
it was a kick, boy. a hormone filled kick. i felt that
craze and knew i had pms. but it didn't last long and
i saw it. even that amazes me.

i tell my sons when i'm having my period and always tell
them to be nice to me. i tell them when i feel like i have
pms and tell them to be careful.

there's this whole system (me) walking around with seasons
in it every month. i really do sense the sacred in it.

wanted to put that out there today for anyone who doesn't
like their cycle.....maybe it's something to think about.
specially since you'll have it whether you like it or not.

until you don't.

which i still haven't come to grips yet, but i guess i will.
i'm gonna miss it when it's gone. i wonder if you can still
sense the seasons inside you every month? guess i'll find out...


Qn Dani said...

Oh, yes - you do still cycle with
the moon - but it takes on a new purpose and meaning.

Menospausein - Menopause - Moon Pause - is when the (sacred) blood of creation no longer flows outward, but instead is held within, becoming sacred connection (with the ancestors)and wisdom.

In ancient cultures, it was believed woman was at her most powerful and wise at MoonPause. Her inner knowing and wisdom something that was sacred and revered.

Being there (MoonPause)myself, I'll go with that version of the story!!

Pamela Jones said...

I think the profound part of the cycle is longer, with a little introspection -- and when the moon calls me out to play, I don't need to check for feminine supplies any more.


t2 said...

I love this, Ter......and here's why......when I was at that ::ahem:: corporate job, I tried engaging my boss in a discussion about how workers, in general, have certain times of the day that "work" for them for certain tasks. Each person is individual, in that respect. And, IMHO, employees are more productivity when allowed the freedom to go with their own flow. My own version of Lean Management, I suppose. He didn't buy it, of course. And, even if he did, he would have never admitted the idea came from Moi. lol The same philosophy applies here. More than my own cycle, I pay attention to Luna and really feel her cycles within my own Being. There is a time to plant seeds, personally and professionally. And a time to pause, rest and release. I love it that I am now in charge of my own workday/month, b/c I can really GO with that. It works for me. And, apparently you too. Good stuff to share!!!