Tuesday, July 27, 2010


i picked up the bernie seigel book again.
love, medicine and miracles.

i was totally loving it awhile ago,
but then put it down and couldn't pick it up again.
it's very cancer oriented, and i was just strugglin'
with some cancer news close to me and i just couldn't
even pick it up.

i'd look over at it on my table and would just
get this heavy, heavy feeling and leave it laying
there. i couldn't even touch it, let alone pick it up.

but over the weekend, i had a minute....i'll just
look at that real quick, i thought. kinda moved fast before
i could change my mind and grabbed it.
and i was hooked once again.

i really love this book. i'm only half way thru it,
but every single time i read it, i'm reminded
that i am sending messages to my body with everything
i do.

i'm reminded that how i choose to live is making
a statement about what i believe.

i'm reminded to be aware of what i do and what i think
and to value my health.

and what really gets me every time, is the reminder of
the power of our minds.

i love that so much.

we have so much power inside us.
what are we doing with it?

that's what i keep thinking about.......


Anonymous said...

what about those days when you can't help but think the negative thoughts and have the pity parties and have fear? what does the book say about those? b/c I tend to think those are all just kind of human, and it's hard to stop those negative thoughts, and if you are stopping them isn't that kind of just repressing the thought instead of just letting the thought flow through?
Or is it all a matter of perception and to replace the negative you shift the perception?
I'm reading a book (Anatomy of Spirit) that talks about the same thing how our thoughts affect our body, but I can't help but think as I'm reading, that sometimes the negative creeps in quicker then you notice. Or sometimes a person is just in a plain bad mood til it passes, and is that so wrong? There seems to be guilt attached to this for me, but I'm unsure as to why so I've just been wondering.

Merry ME said...

Hey Anonymous, good question. I've had some real dark, negative times in my life. My ex used to say I was the most negative person he knew. I'm so glad that's not me anymore. Oh, I can still be pissy, angry, fearful, and not very nice, but mostly I look for the positive. Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.

I used to hate when people would say "snap out of it" like a snap was all it would take. Or you can choose to be happy. I was struggling to get up in the morning, somedays even to live, and I was supposed to "choose" happiness or not? It seemed like depression had chosen me and I'd lost my say in it.

It took a lot of hard work. Sometimes nothing more than showing up where I was supposed to be. But slowly things turned around. And now, with a clearer, healthier vision (depression, I think is all consuming - body, spirit, mind) I can see that I do have power. Doesn't mean I always choose positive over negative, but I can see the difference.

Hang in there. Don't pay attention to the guilt! It's part of that stinkin' thinkin'.

Pamela Jones said...

Hey, Anonymous!
No need to feel guilty about having feelings -- that's passing judgment on your own humanity, and I think that's what you were expressing resistance to. I like what you say about shifting perception...reframing your view of an event and seeing it just as an event, not as "good" or "bad." I also like what you say about being in a bad mood until it passes. How about taking that one step further and saying that you acknowledge that you are having a bad mood, but you know that it will pass. I think that just reframing a bad mood as something passing rather than a place where we're stuck helps us move back to the land of positive. I think a lot of fear is based in being afraid that things will always be the way they are right now; and the truth is that life is always changing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the wisdom!! There were so many good points in all of the responses. Could you tell I was riding myself pretty hard about having one of those bad days? You are so right Pamela, it was one of those times when I just thought nothing would change, it would always stay the same, and I was just so so tired and "snapping out of it" like Merry Me says was soooo totally not working. Trying to shift my perception as often as I tried yesterday wasn't clicking.

You're right Teri I might have to pick up this book to read about the acceptance of everything. This is the second time I've come across the title in two weeks and it sounds like an awesome read. So thank you so much Lovely Ladies for all your wisdom! My mood definitely improved after reading everyone's comments, and I gave my time to just rest and let it pass without judging myself.