Tuesday, July 27, 2010


hey, anonymous!
you left a great question in my last blog......
and i'm no expert, so i'm gonna tell you to grab
this book if you're interested, but he's not
saying AT ALL that you always have to be positive!!!

not at all!!

it's WHAT you do with your negativity that matters.
we all have it. we all gotta deal with it.

he's sayin' things like it's important to let it out,
not cover it up. to acknowledge it.

i want to put words in his mouth, and i'm stopping
myself as i'm not sure if their his words or mine,
and i don't want to say the wrong thing....

but it's not about always being a happy camper.

this morning i was really bummed about something.
i laid down and took a nap.
i thought about it, put out exactly what was bugging
me and why. acknowledged the ick. and let the ick
be there. then i fell asleep.

i specifically wanted to spend some quiet time
acknowledging it.

now.....i'm movin' on.
ick's still there.
it's not resolved.
but just acknowledging it has let me move on to some
other stuff. and i don't know what i'm gonna do about it.
but for now...i did all i could do.

the nap helped too!

and i specifically took the nap cause my body was tired
and i wanted to listen to it.

hearing what's going on inside, acknowledging it....
all that matters.

not always havin' a smile on your face!
ya know?

and i think that's the kinda thing he's talking about.

honoring who you are and what's going on inside you.
he's really good about saying this isn't a guilty thing.
i like that a lot.

thanks for the question!

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