Wednesday, July 28, 2010

me and the crew

i could tell she was churnin' inside me.
i grabbed my stuff monkey and curled in tight
with him. it was dark, it was quiet.

i found myself slipping off the monkey's
leg warmers. 'it's way too hot for these,
even if they are super cool looking,' i said
to the monkey.

hmmmmm....sometimes i really do wonder how old
i am......

i closed my eyes and talked to her.
that part of me that was churning.
the little girl part.

i already knew what was up.
but that didn't matter.
i needed to let that part of me know i
was listening.

and so i did.

i am learning.
i'm learning that churning is her.
i know that now.
i'm learning to recognize her more and more.

i'm learning i don't have to have all the
answers, i just have to hold her.

i'm learning that sometimes all you can do
is curl in and say 'it'll be okay,' and go
to sleep.......

i held that monkey almost the whole nite.
this morning he was right there next to my
pillow. i woke up and smiled when i saw him.
he looked a lot cooler without the red and white
striped leg warmers.

and the little girl inside?
she's right here with me today.
and i'm gonna pay attention to her.
cause sometimes she just needs that.

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